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Supporting the career development of team members at Tungsten Capital

It seems like just yesterday that Ben Knowles joined the team at Tungsten Capital, finding his particular talent within the marketing department and scaling new heights as his role has developed along with his intrinsic involvement in the company.

Now, Ben is rising through the ranks once again, recognised amongst a raft of promotions in the first quarter of this year, and named our new Marketing Manager.

Ben's dedication to detail and forensic knowledge of digital marketing has made him an invaluable asset to the company, whilst his appreciation for the customer journey in our particularly nuanced market has proven a tangible strength to the management structure.

"Ever since Ben joined us a couple of years ago, he has been a pleasure to work with. This promotion is very well deserved, as a team member who has championed our organisation through Covid and beyond. It's an exciting moment in time and I can't wait to see what he does with the role." - Tungsten Capital CEO, Peter Elliott
“Coming into the company, I had a lot to learn. However, through working closely with Peter and the rest of the team, I have been able to build a greater understanding of the unique way in which Tungsten does business. Now that I have been given an opportunity to be at the forefront of our Marketing & Business Development department, I am keen to increase my value to the company and build on the skills I have learnt. It has been a brilliant 18 months and seeing the direction the company is headed, I very much look forward to what lies ahead. Thank you Peter for the opportunity and the Tungsten Capital team for their continued support.” - Ben Knowles, Marketing Manager

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