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Tungsten Capital, acquires Dublin-based consultancy, Staveley and Partners

  • Acquisition follows a successful 12-month trial partnership with Tungsten Capital

  • The acquisition will enhance Staveley’s reputation as one of Ireland’s most respected construction consultants

  • Staveley will continue to offer its existing professional services and, with substantial and sustained investment from Tungsten Capital, the firm will now also be able to provide an enhanced range of services

  • Core team members will remain with the firm

LONDON September 2021 - Tungsten Capital has completed its acquisition of Dublin-based Staveley and Partners.

Staveley are highly regarded as quantity surveyors, contract specialists, claims advisors and expert witnesses and has served the Irish construction industry for more than 40 years.

Ireland has always been admired for its ability to rebound following times of economic adversity. Its investment in its construction industry, together with an ambitious infrastructure strategy and its support of the private sector has been at the centre of this success.

As part of the Irish government’s construction investment policy, Staveley and Partners has cultivated deep-seated relationships with many of Ireland’s foremost clients in the public and private sectors and is seen by many, as a stable and reliable source of professional support.

Tungsten Capital’s acquisition of Staveley will seek to build on this unique heritage - something that will be important as the Irish economy begins to emerge following the effects of the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Tungsten plans to invest in Staveley’s future as a key player in the Irish construction market, further demonstrating its commitment to Ireland and its economy.

Staveley will not only retain its key staff but plans to enhance the team with new talent sourced where possible from the Irish construction market.

Former Director, Mark Wearen, and Director, Bryan Hamilton, said: “Over the years, the team at Staveley has worked hard to build a company that contributes to the construction industry community by delivering a best in class service with the utmost integrity for all our clients. It is important to us all that the legacy of over 40 years of such service, and the values the company has come to represent within the industry in Ireland, continue as the company moves into the next phase of its journey. We are confident that Tungsten share our values and believe that they are the right guardians to take Staveley & Partners forward.”

Tungsten Capital CEO, Peter Elliott, said: “Staveley and Partners is one of those truly special businesses that has built its reputation on trust, reliability and credibility. Over a period of more than 40 years, Staveley has become a by-word for fairness, professionalism and being a trusted ally of its clients. Through this acquisition, we want to make sure that Staveley continues to thrive and grow, serving its clients well and continuing to be an integral part of Ireland’s rich construction and engineering heritage.

For more information contact:

Bonnie Friend, Marketing and Business Development Director at Tungsten Capital

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